Name Rank Orientation Mate
Amnesia N/A Neutral N/A


Amnesia thinks differently from all others. She was also neglected as a kit with her being malformed and too ugly to look at. Her grey-blue eyes show sadness and reveals her past life of shame and embarrassment. When no one is looking she always chases leaves and fuzzies floating in the air or playing tricks on other cats. She is extremely strict, when it comes to work there are absolutely no games and often gives punishment to those who're messing around when she's speaking. She's unusually big for her breed and always towers over anyone she stands next to. Her emotions vary, and often has mood swings. Amnesia is always underestimated and proves herself over and over to others.

An extremely fluffy, snowy white pelt with dark cobalt splotches here and there, a pale brown underbelly. 6 toes on both front paws giving her an advantage in battle, hunting and journeys. <^>WIP<^>


Grandmother: Cynical-tanglecat22

Grandmother: TBA-Terra4774

Grandfather: TBA-Vitamansea

Grandfather: TBA

Mother: Death

Father: Exodus-Pacification

Siblings: TBA

Aunts: TBA

Uncles: TBA

Cousins: TBA

Offspring: TBA

Mate: N/A

In-Laws: TBA

~¶~General Information~¶~

Name: Amnesia

Animal Jam Username: Mortification

Wiki Username: 0WetSocks0

Rank: N/A

Orientation: Neutral

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Mate: None atm

Age: 16 Moons

Personality: Strict, crazy, mood swings