💀Sometimes your worst enemy turns out to be your greatest friend. 💀


Name Ghost
Gender She-cat
Rank War Commander
Clan Crescentclan (duh)
Age 14 moons
Breed British Shorthair Silver Tabby
Mate Thicket
Apprentice Goldenpaw
(AJ) Username xxshadowedxx
(wiki) Username XxShadowedxX
Orientation Dark
Birthclan Mistclan
Sexuality Heterosexual

Eye color: Ghastly-white (not blind)

Pelt color: Pale, light grey

Underbelly color: Charcoal-black

Markings: Vines of black crawling through her pelt

Scars: One long one running down her spine, two on each shoulder,

and three short ones on her muzzle.

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 5.50.24 PM

Ghost has a very interesting personality, unlike other cats she is extremely unsocial and emotionless. She gets irritated very easily and is known to pick fights with almost everyone, that is if you challenge her patience. She despises meeting new cats and hates new kits in the nursery, all in all she is extremely hard to get along with due to her stubborn attitude.



-hmm... smh


- Cats/or anything for that matter

who tries to get to know her

(Some unknown, this is the best I could do; CC family is very confusing.)
Name Relation Original Group Alive
Thicket Mate Crescentclan Yes
Wildheart Sister-In-Law Crescentclan No
Fern Sister-In-Law Crescentclan ?
Misayuki Mother Crescentclan No
Darkstar Great Aunt Mistclan Yes
Eris Sister Crescentclan No
Sunstar 2nd Mother Mistclan No
Bear Great Uncle Mistclan ?
Lavenderflower Great Aunt Mistclan No
Shadowstar Great Grandmother Mistclan No
Mindstorm Great Grandfather Mistclan No
Minteye Aunt Mistclan No
Coal Great Aunt Rogue ?
Fallenheart Great Aunt Mistclan Yes
Cinderheart Great Aunt Mistclan No
Swiftbreeze Great Aunt Mistclan No
Willowstar Great Great Grandmother Shadowclan No
Moon Great Great Uncle Rogue No
Fern Great Great Aunt Rogue No
Name Username Trust %
Oceanbreeze rainbowdinosaur 84%
Jagged poppopcat090 85%
Aly Glamberdoodle 86%
Magnolia doodlelover123 83%
Amalia Understandings 83%
Note: Friends/Family/Enemies do not count as trust percents out of roleplay! My character just doesn't really trust other cats in general.

Anyone who annoys her. Which are many.


Strengths: Fighting brutally

Weaknesses: Being normal; being nice

Fighting style: Brutal; merciless

Other features: Ghost-like, eerily tranquil.

Leadership 6/10
Loyalty 7/10
Trust 2/10
Patience 3/10
Stealth 9/10
Strength 9/10
Hunting 6/10
Fighting 9/10
Defense 8/10
Agility 7/10
Speed 9/10
Stamina 6/10
Tracking 8/10
Swimming 4/10
Climbing 8/10
Herbs 2/10

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